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Argentina Tourist Visa – Eligibility, Fees, Application

Argentina Tourist Visa – Eligibility, Fees, Application

Argentina tourist visa eligibility hinges on the applicant’s nationality, motive for visit, and travel documents. Application fees vary, and the process involves completing an online form.


Travelers from around the globe dream of exploring the vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and rich history of Argentina. For many, a tourist visa is the key to unlocking these experiences. Securing an Argentina tourist visa means meeting specific criteria, which typically includes holding a valid passport, providing proof of financial means, and having a clear travel itinerary.


The fees for this visa differ depending on the applicant’s country. Embarking on the application process is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the streamlined online system that Argentina offers. Through this system, prospective visitors can submit their information, schedule consular appointments if necessary, and track the status of their application, ensuring a smooth journey towards their Argentine adventure.


Eligibility for Argentina Tourist Visa

Travelers hoping to visit Argentina need to meet certain requirements to apply for a tourist visa. First, applicants must hold a valid passport with at least six months remaining before expiration. Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of the stay is essential. A return ticket or an itinerary stating entry and exit dates is also necessary. It’s important for applicants to have lodging reservations in place. A crucial requirement is to not have a criminal record that may pose a threat to the country. Furthermore, some may need to show a travel insurance policy. This ensures coverage for any medical emergencies. Certain nationalities might require an invitation from an Argentinian host. Check if a consular interview is mandatory before planning your trip.



The cost for an Argentina Tourist Visa depends on several factors. Nationals of most countries pay a fee of around $150. It’s crucial to check with the nearest Argentine consulate. Fees may change without prior notice.  


Item Cost
Visa Application $150 (approx)
Visa Extension Varies
Reciprocity Fee Country-specific


Certain applicants may pay a reciprocity fee instead of a visa fee. This fee matches what Argentines pay for a visa to your country. The U.S., Canada, and Australia often fall into this category. For the most accurate fee, contact the Argentine consulate directly.


Application Process for Argentina Tourist Visa

The Argentina Tourist Visa application process involves a few clear steps. First, complete the online application form. Ensure all data is accurate. Next, set up a visa appointment at the nearest embassy or consulate. Document gathering is key. You will need a valid passport and recent passport-sized photos. Proof of financial means and travel itinerary are crucial. Don’t forget your accommodation reservations and return flight tickets. Finally, submit all documents at the appointment. Pay the visa fee as instructed. Wait for the visa processing to complete. Check your visa status online.


Processing Time

The processing time for an Argentina Tourist Visa typically spans from 15 to 20 working days after the submission. Nonetheless, applicants may observe variations in this duration, primarily due to application volumes at consulates, accuracy of the provided information, and individual circumstances. Delays may occur, so plan your application well ahead of your intended travel date. It is essential to remember that incomplete applications lead to extended processing times. Make sure all required documents are included. During peak travel seasons, consulates experience higher demand which can affect how quickly visas are processed. The swiftness of background checks can also alter timelines. Keep track of your application and respond promptly to any requests from the consulate.



The Argentina Tourist Visa allows a stay for up to 90 days. Eligible tourists may enter once or multiple times during this period. For longer stays, visitors must seek an extension or renewal before their current visa expires. The National Immigration Office grants visa extensions for another 90 days. Tourists should apply at least 30 days before their visa runs out. Renewing a visa involves a new application and may require leaving the country temporarily. Keep in mind, each case is different and rules can change, so always check the latest regulations.



The Argentina Tourist Visa does not allow visitors to take part in certain activities. Working for an Argentinian company or organization is strictly forbidden. Studying for the long term at an educational institution is not allowed. Running a business or engaging in any form of employment, including freelance work, is prohibited. This visa also restricts the visitor from participating in professional performances or activities. It is important for visitors to know they cannot receive payment for any activity conducted within Argentina on this visa. Tourists also cannot change their immigration status while on this visa. You can visit places and enjoy the culture, but follow these rules for a trouble-free stay.


Venturing to Argentina can be a mesmerizing experience, and obtaining the right tourist visa is crucial. To ensure a smooth application process, understanding the eligibility criteria and fees is essential. Remember, preparing your documents carefully can pave the way for a hassle-free journey. Embrace the vibrant culture and majestic landscapes of Argentina with your visa in hand!

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